Architectural design

Residential design

When you decide to build a new home or renovate your existing one, it is because something isn’t meeting your needs. Maybe it no longer meets your space requirements, or maybe it just doesn’t make you smile like you want. Our architectural services focus on these problems to design and build a home that solves those shortcomings. We start with creative ideas and innovative solutions to cover your needs, and build a design that focuses on them. No matter your problem, we can help guide you through dozens of solutions that you may not have even known were possible.

We all have budgets, big or small, which need to be respected and used to their fullest. The best way to make your budget work for you is choosing an experienced architectural studio. Construction projects need expertise at every stage; without it homeowners often find themselves making uninformed decisions which require circling back, and that can eat away at budgets quickly. We have the expertise and experience to follow best practices the first time.

We’re driven by our genuine love and passion for design, creation and beauty in all forms. So, we've taken it upon ourselves to tackle design in more than one dimension. From 2D to 3D, we aim to design and create exceptional work ranging from graphic pieces to build forms.
​Our major focus is residential architecture. There's just something about the comfort of your own space, the freedom to make it your own - an extension of yourself! It's the best place to be and we proudly associate ourselves with the design of the most important place. To put it simply, we believe visuals play a massive role in conveying a message/idea/concept/brand. We're here to get it done and do it well. 

Site visits

First things first, we schedule a visit to your home and take all its measurements - we need them to make existing drawings if they don't already exist. If you have them already, it speeds up the process! Existing plans, elevations and site plans are required to apply for a permit for an extension or addition. We also take this time to inspect the state of every space; to see if anything needs to comply to code, etc. This visit gives us a good idea of the what we have to work with for the renovation. .


Preliminary Design

This is where the brainstorming happens. Your imagination is your creative ability. You think about it, we put it together and work it out! Tell us exactly what you want and we'll either make it happen or come up with a great alternative - keeping in mind the building code requirements in your municipality. Solutions are guaranteed every time because problem solving is our specialty! We'll come up with multiple iterations to find what's best for you.

Building consents

This is the problem solving stage (and our favorite part). Design is simply solving problems with aesthetic and functional solutions. We work closely with you to refine, resolve and prepare architectural and technical working drawings. From finishes to cabinet hardware, every detail is taken care of. We provide virtual walk-through, renders and 3D floor plans upon request.

  • All external consultants are dealt with and co ordinated with the architectural building consent set.
    Once you're satisfied with everything, we will move forward and prepare the permit package for submission. Any further requests for information from your local authority are dealt until the final building permit is finally issued.


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