Studio-Garage Stock plans.
Full construction documentation.
$375.00 NZD+GST

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Dave says...

Double garage with Loft living area over.:- #LG375/102.
$375.00 NZD+ GST

"One of my favourites"
"This is a 102² design double garage with a level one living area.
A spacious double garage with ample storage and a large separate workshop to the rear is an ideal solution for those who need extra space for their vehicle, tools, or other items. The two large fully covered canopy roofs provide protection from the elements while allowing easy access to whatever might be stored inside. External stairs lead up to a small timber deck that can easily be extended if desired, providing additional outdoor living space. Inside this impressive structure is a large double bedroom and even another small lounge/bedroom should it be needed; there’s also room enough in here for a practical kitchenette as well as an adequately sized bathroom with shower and WC facilities.
The sheer versatility of such an arrangement makes it perfect not only for car enthusiasts but also hobbyists looking to pursue their craft in peace away from home or anyone needing some extra room around the house without having too much impact on existing living spaces within the property itself - all at very reasonable cost! In addition, its secure nature ensures that whatever may have been stored here remains safe until you decide otherwise – no more worrying about leaving your precious belongings outside exposed overnight!
Overall then this is surely one of best ways out there today when it comes finding additional storage solutions without breaking either your wallet or sacrificing valuable interior real estate; so why not consider investing into one yourself? You won’t regret it!



$375.00:- Self contained studio / Garage (102m²)

Minor dwellings are self-contained units built on the same site as another residential building. Most minor dwellings fall under district plans as a permitted activity. Councils will have different requirements in different areas. You should check with your council whether you will need a resource consent, building consent or both if you are planning to add a minor dwelling to your site.
Drawings provide all the information needed to put together an accurate quote from your builder and convey sufficent detail information for additional Designers / Architects to move forward with pricing or construction....
Specific details to external envelope and foundation as required under the building codes or external consultants recommendation as per Code requirements

1 A0-0 Cover sheet 15 A4-01 Shadowclad_typical cavity garage door details
2 A0-00 Rendered images 16 A4-02 Shadowclad_ typical cavity garage door & Steel details
3 A0-01 Project legend 17 A4-03 Shadowclad_ typical ranchslider / deck details
4 A1-01 Ground floor plan 18 A4-04 Shadowclad_ typical cavity window details
5 A1-02 Level one floor plan 19 A4-05 Shadowclad_typical cladding details
6 A1-03 Garage slab setout & Plumbing / Drainage plan 20 A4-06 Shadowclad_typical cladding details
7 A1-04 Bracing plans - Ground and level one 21 A4-07 Typical cladding corner details
8 A1-05 Level one sub-floor framing plan 22 A4-08 Typical roof edge details
9 A1-06 Roof plan 23 A4-09 Mitek lumberlok balustrade -side & top fixed details
10 A2-00 Elevtations_South & East 24 A4-10 Typical shadclad batten set out elevation
11 A2-01 Elevtations_North & West 25 A4-11 HWC fixing details
12 A3-00 Section A & C 26 A4-12 Bracing design data sheets
13 A3-01 Section B 27 A4-13 Lumber Lok lintel schedule and fixing data sheets
      28 A4-14 Nailing schedules to sub-floor and roofing as per NZS3604
      29 A4-15 Typical wet area details

The client acknowledges...

You acknowledge our recommendation that you have a LBP Builder / Designer or Architect / Engineer to review the drawing set to provide any site-specific design works if deemed necessary.
The Plans provide ideas and concepts and are not intended to be complete in all respects and details. Variations in standard sizes (e.g., of windows and doors), and brands, thickness, types and uses of different materials can all be changed.
Names of materials and manufacturers shown on the plans do not represent an endorsement or recommendation by the designer. Final selections of materials are the responsibility of you and/or your builder, including proper installation of materials to code requirements.
VizMedia Design has no control or responsibility with respect to such matters.

You as the client agree to consult with a local building official / Builder / LBP or Architect to review the drawing set for further information required prior to submission of the Plans for a building permit or to construct as under the August 2020 NZ Building Act exemptions .
Your right to use the Plans is conditioned on your agreement to, and you affirm that you shall:
(i) consult a locally licensed designer or engineer of your choice prior to beginning construction, and
(ii) strictly comply with all local building codes, zoning requirements, and other applicable laws, regulations, ordinances, and requirements
(iii) Geo-Tech report may or may not be required. This would be determined by your Engineer or LBP. Foundation & bracing design would be related to this if required.

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