If you are looking for

  • New builds
  • Home extensions
  • Minor dwellings & Granny flat to fit on site
  • 3D rendering
  • A Developer looking for design work / constructions drawings

…………We can do it

With over 30+ years’ experience having worked in London, Hong Kong, Seattle, Sydney & NZ working on an array of commercial developments I have settled in Auckland.

I spent 8 years contracting to some of Auckland’s larger practises and have worked on many large projects throughout the country.

But now stepping out on my own VizMedia can provide you with professional service and quality drawings to bring your ideas to life & provide a flexible approach offering you a very cost effective and carefree solution to quality Architectural work.
My passion is residential architecture, using such tools like Photoshop and various rendering applications I enjoy bringing the boring 2D sketch to life through a 3D representation.

At VizMedia my aim is to streamline the design process and help facilitate getting your design to fit on a typical sized section. Minimise external consultants being involved and to help oil the wheels to get the project through the local authorities.

I offer a full service whereby I can sit down and design from scratch, I also offer the availability of having stock plans at your fingertips, ranging from Granny flats | Minor dwellings | studio buildings covering building footprints from 10Sqm up to 400Sqm.

Whether you are a home owner, a builder, a Developer looking for a fast and effective solution to gaining design concepts, building consents, or an Architectural practise that wishes to outsource documentation, I am committed to create accurate& high quality documentations @ a cost effective price…
I will also endeavour to work in conjunction with established builders to give you a truly unique and high quality finish design that will enhance your future investment